Hi everyone,

We know, we know, we've been terrible correspondents recently.  Let's just say it's been a minor internet conspiracy - hate to make excuses, but there you go... 
We're now in Lusaka, having spent some adventurous days driving through Zambia (it's the rainy season after all!) and are looking forward to visiting Kafue National Park tomorrow.
Hope you're still with us, we've managed to upload some photos, and have bulk-uploaded the last few country's diary. Please forgive us for not having "back-to-tops" but it's taken us seven hours as it is, and we've had enough!

2/27/2009 08:37:54 pm

Hey! Welcome back dudes.

Once again I think my life couldn't bee more different - you are sitting in a sunny, hot African town while I am sitting huddled over a weedy heater, in a cold, small English village.

But things are looking up, the daffodils are out and the snow drops have started to become snow droops as they have already been out for a couple of weeks. The log burner has not been put to use for a while now and the dogs have been able to enjoy the odd walk in the light!

Just read some of your journal and perused your photos - the subtle green palour has returned to my gills again. Are you going to jungle junction? By all accounts, it's worth the visit.

tot siens

sue marriott
2/28/2009 06:25:58 pm

still unable to view any diary but expect more luck in a day or so.

3/3/2009 02:19:27 am

loving reading your diary and blogs - sounds like you are having a brilliant time - let me ask you a question - are you having any real challenges with your Landy - we are stuck between a Landy and a Toyota for our trip - everyone say's a Landy is totally unreliable - what are your thoughts please - Jayne

3/3/2009 02:27:04 am

'min dae' till i see you in cape town! hope it's all going very, very well with you! we're just off to italy to see my cousin in turin weekend after next & then it's back to sa! yippeeeee.... what will be the best way to reach you? when do you return to the uk...the dreaded question, but we miss you! xxx

3/9/2009 11:40:55 pm

jas the rafting is a lekker kif jol hey! did you freak out bru? min dae hey ous.

3/11/2009 01:47:01 am

11 March
Hey Mr & Mrs Marriott....

What will I do when you get back ??? I spend my lunch hour once a week trying to keep up to date with your amazing journey. My Sister (Sue) is now half way through her trip and has just left India for Bangkok !!!

Cannot wait for you to get back, although I am guessing you are not in a hurry to be back in London.

You probably know Claire had her baby and the Centenary is looming so Steve is V busy. We launch on 27th April so you will be back in time (sorry)...

Looking forward to seeing you in 5 weeks...

And just think of those free lunches you will love them after your last 6 months diet.....

And Mikey that is one impressive beard you have he he he...

Missed you loads - Lots of love Ally D


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