Hope you're still with us despite the lapses in diary and photos!  Our Egypt photos are almost up to date, and accessible via the link on the photos page.  Unfortunately, our trip diary has corrupted and we've lost the last 8 days or so...  So can't upload until we've re-written it!  We don't expect much internet access for the next few weeks though, so might be a while. Please be patient!

It will make for entertaining reading though, as we've had a few dramas, so stay tuned!  Mapenzi is on board a dodgy pontoon, bound for Sudan, and we should be boarding the passenger ferry tomorrow, to cruise down the Nile and meet her in Wadi Halfa on Tuesday.  Feel a bit lost without our home!  With a great group of overlanders for the next leg, which will be fun.

Hope you're all well, please send us your news, and stay in touch.
Mike & Sarah x

12/1/2008 05:45:47 pm

...and hellooooo to you! well 18 more sleeps until i fly to where the sun shines! sean's definitely planning a trip back around march/april...so let us know your eta closer to the time and i might join him, so that i can join the welcome party! can't wait to hear more re egypt, hope you retrieve your diary!! ...and can't wait to see the pics! yes, we're in the deepest darkest winter this year, it's definitely much colder than previous years and i've been struggling with a horrible cold! it didn't help that i went out for a run with sean a couple of weeks ago, because i was setting myself up for getting a cold! you know me sarah, exercise = sickness! where will you guys be for christmas and do you have any plans for the day...and new year's? helios tomorrow night...thought i'd remind you! lots of love, yolande x

12/2/2008 02:00:53 am

Hi Mac and Mike!
Am glad your trip is going so well.. am really loving the photos and trip diary!
Just wanted to thank you for the lovely wedding message that you sent which is now in our guest book. We missed you lots and are looking forward to seeing you in March... we had such a marvelous wedding day and are still sleeping off the buzz.. although it did rain a bit which just reminded me of your wedding day as well :) Driving through the sugar cane fields :) Good times...
We wish you all the best for the next bit of your trip.
lots of love

Don & Jax
12/9/2008 09:56:35 pm

Hi Mike and Sarah!

WOW... what amazing photos of an incredible journey! It certainly looks like you are having a great adventure

thanks for all the news, it is so good to hear what you are up to!

have a lovely Christmas in Africa!

love Don & Jax

12/19/2008 10:20:52 pm

mike check your e-mail i have left a message for you guys there.

Bron and Mike
12/22/2008 10:54:24 pm

Merry Christmas to you both! Hope you are having an amazing Christmas in Africa wherever you are! We are certainly enjoying the sunshine in Cape Town!

We will be having dinner with your mom, Jenna, Jared and Aunty Flo on Monday (29th). Will be thinking of you and will give them all big hugs from you guys!

Lots of love
Bron, Mike, Elaine and John


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