Hi all

Counting the days until we enter SA.  We've scrapped plans to visit Zim having heard brilliant reports of the parks in Botswana and decided to spend longer here. 

We're now in Maun; since we last blogged we've had a couple of less than comfortable hippo encounters, rafted on the Zambezi and negotiated possibly the most challenging 4x4 tracks to date. 

Looking forward to catching up with you all.  We'll put up more photos when we organise them.

All the best


Yoland and Barry
3/18/2009 10:39:46 pm

Hi Mike and Sarah,

Wow, what a time you have been having. You are so close to home now you must be itching to get here, yet not wanting this experience to end.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Drop an email when you are back in SA and leave a number where we can phone you.

Love Yo and Barry

Bron and Mike
3/19/2009 08:22:43 am

Hi Se and Mike

Hope you have a wonderful 3 year wedding anniversary tomorrow! Can't believe you have almost made it to SA. Hope you enjoy the last little bit of your journey (don't wish it away)and enjoy being with family in SA!

Lots of love
Bron and Mike

3/20/2009 02:29:20 am

Howzit howzit!

My thirst for your journal entries has been quenched once again and I spent a pleasurable hour or so drifting through your adventures with green gills.

Jo and I had a look at the map the other day and it is quite incredible how far you actually have driven - almost 20 000 miles! Mapenzi has done you proud, I hope you have given her a big smacker on her iron lips to say, "Thanks for the ride, Baby!"

Looking forward to seeing you beardless guys in about 10 days - tanned and chilled, just the way to enjoy a March.


3/20/2009 05:02:36 am

Looking forward to having you here in 10 days.
thinking of you today. 3 years ago your trip was only a dream but you had other things to think about. congrats on your anniversary.

3/24/2009 08:30:02 pm

sarah & mike....we are soooooooo excited to see you! we're thinking the 11th of april. sean's running the two oceans half marathon that day so perhaps a good evening to celebrate all sorts of stuff! enjoy the last few days of your adventure! i'm still jealous! xxx

4/3/2009 08:28:31 pm

Hey Mac - when you gonna be in CT?? Can't wait to see you both... Mike - are you looking forward to shaving off the beard?
Your Zanzibar pics brought back so many wonderful memories.. especially the spice tour with all the little trinkets they make! So artistic..
Lots of love and happy 3 yr anniversary to you both...

4/3/2009 09:42:18 pm

Hey Mapenzi,

I realy miss your smile in the backmirror... :-)

I hope you had fun to enter your home (new-)country. I really want to send you this hug... (:-))from Tiwi Beach ... Yep, I'm a little behind... but healthy!




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