Hi everyone,

We're writing from a tranquil campsite just outside Kampala in Uganda, after an action packed week or so since we last wrote.  Unfortunately  we are still stymied by the slow internet connections, so you'll have to be patient again I'm afraid!  As soon as we find a decent connection we'll update the diary and put up some more photos, we promise!

Kenya was wonderful.  The  game parks are prohibitively expensive, so we feel we didn't really get the best safari experience, but we did have some marvellous sightings, like Sarah's first lion kill, Mike's first black rhinos, and more.  We got stung at the border for not buying our road tax in Moyale (what road tax?!  We weren't told we had to!) and nearly got scammed into buying Ugandan insurance, but with $50 visas etc our budget is again looking rather bruised.  Hence the dilemma over whether to see the gorillas or not.  At $500US per person it may just break the bank!  Watch this space...

Wow, Uganda is hot and humid - like being in Durban in Feb.  They have a great plunge pool here, so after we've sent this message, guess where we're headed! 

Hope you are all enjoying 2009 so far, are happy, healthy and having fun.  Please get in touch, we love hearing from you!

Take care, all the best

1/12/2009 12:06:53 am

Hi Mike
Take the hit and see the Gorilla's. It was one of best experiences on our 3 month trip. It's once in a life time chance. Very special. It is however quite a trek down to Biwindi impenetrable park from Kampala, but worth it. Cheers. Guy

1/12/2009 09:13:07 pm

Hey Sarah & Mike...back in London, but did I tell you that we've booked tickets to be back in Cape Town and Durban for end March / beginning April...so the question is, when are you likely to arrive in Cape Town so we can be part of the welcome party?

Oh, do go see the gorilla's...

I'm very jealous to hear Sarah that I missed your call last night! Ali came over the morning, super excited that she had heard your voice! Gutted, why did I leave earlier than usual! We were just talking about you, wondering whether you are coming back!

Hey, my application for citizenship has been successful, so I'll be swearing allegiance to the Queen very soon.

Enjoy the humidity!

Big love to you both
Yolande, Sean & Biscotti

1/12/2009 10:59:11 pm

Hi dudes

$500 is a lot but it is a lot cheaper than having to fly back and see them some other time.

You'll earn back the $500 and soon forget about the money but you'll have the memories of seeing them forever.

Hope all is still going well. Looking forward to your next diary addition.


1/16/2009 06:35:45 am

You have to go and see the Gorillas - you might never get to go back there - your trip is inspiring - thank you - Jayne UK

Bron and Mike
1/19/2009 05:45:45 am

Hope you guys decided to see the gorillas - I am sure it will be an experience you will never forget! Look forward to some more great photos :-)

Lots of love
Bron and Mike

12/16/2012 01:51:41 pm

Lovely pats for you! Keep rocking and exploring too! Congrats.

7/14/2023 03:08:56 pm

Lovely blog you haave here


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