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Sarah Marriott
8/11/2008 12:18:41 am

Read this on the overland forum recently - thought it captured the spirit of our trip perfectly:


When you've acquired a taste for dust,
The scent of our first rain,
You're hooked for life on Africa
And you'll not be right again
Till you can watch the setting moon
And hear the jackals bark
And know that they're around you,
Waiting in the dark.

When you long to see the elephants.
Or to hear the coucal's song,
When the moonrise sets your blood on fire,
You've been away too long
It's time to cut the traces loose
And let your heart go free
Beyond that far horizon,
Where your spirit yearns to be.

Africa is waiting - come!
Since you've touched the open sky
And learned to love the rustling grass,
The wild fish-eagles cry.
You'll always hunger for the bush,
For the lion's rasping roar,
To camp at last beneath the stars
And to be at peace once more.


Omayma Khan
9/28/2008 09:48:27 pm

So what..are you saying that once you've been on the journey, you'll be looking for that same sense of happiness all your life. OMG! Don't go, you're gonna be miserable when you return.

I miss you already.

10/2/2008 06:00:48 pm

Our good thoughts are with you all the way.

Go well and go safely.

(Take some half-shafts.... ;-) )

Love to both : J & H

10/5/2008 07:09:51 pm

Hey Mike and Sarah

Can't believe you are heading out towards deapest, darkest Africa already. You must be emiting some pretty intense adventure vibes because I'm feeling excited just sitting here at my boring old desk. Have a safe passage and may this trip of a lifetime turn out to be just that. Take care, E

10/5/2008 09:03:06 pm

You're off Bon Voyage to you both my friends! I'm sitting in Meeting Room 236 Building 200, Sunbury...and dreaming of Africa! Enjoy...I'm so jealous and feeling so excited for you! Let me know if ever need anything Googled and you're not close to a PC or the internet! I'm happy to be the research assistant from this end. By the way, the spot in Egypt that is quite close to the Sudanese border is called Abu Simbel, if you can make it. I never wrote it down for Sarah. x

Claire, Michael and Maja
10/5/2008 10:09:52 pm

Hello my dear Sarah and Mike... yes, you're off today and how i wish i could see you squeezing the last of your bits and pieces into dear mapenzi.
Travel safely you two... we will miss you lots.
I can't wait to read your regular updates and see some pics.
much love
Les Rispes xxx

Claire Foxwell
10/8/2008 08:18:07 pm

Wow that poem really does capture it! Damn it i want to be on my way there!! You'll just have to embrace it for me too!!

Have a fab time both of you! Take care, keep safe.


Lara Simpson
10/8/2008 08:44:12 pm

Sarah and Mike

Good luck and happy travels. Wishing you many grand adventures and a trail of happy memories.

With love,
La, Wayne & Olivia

Hanlie Connan
10/8/2008 08:57:52 pm

Wow - it's really happening for you guys! Am soo happy, so jealous of your experiences ahead but wish you the most amazing time possible!

Take care - I know you will - but feel I need to say it anyway.

Love to you both

Suzie H-B
10/9/2008 02:55:53 am

Just wanted to wish you both Bon Voyage :o)

Wishing you both loads of laughs, great experiences and much enjoyment!!

Travel well and can't wait to hear all about it.....

Lots of love
Suzie and Ian

Anil & Surinder
10/9/2008 06:51:45 pm

Hope you guys are having the best time ever!
take care...

Anil & Surinder

Yoland and Barry Irwin
10/9/2008 11:06:58 pm

Hi Mike and Sarah
Hoping that everything goes well and that you have all your wishes for the trip come true.
Sarah keep up those writing skills and publish a book on this.
Mike, catch some great fish, hopefully something you can eat this time.
Have a great time and looking forward to those stories when you reach us in the end.

All our love
Yo and Barry

Ann MacDonald
10/10/2008 11:22:49 pm

Sarah and Mike

I hope your first few days have been fun, getting to grips with this great adventure.

As with everyone else I wish you fun, adventures and friendships on your amazing journey.

We'll be here, in cyber-space, looking out for your news as and when you get the chance to tell us!

All my love

Ann xx

Ally D
10/13/2008 03:30:11 am

Hi there,

God you are both such good wroters your first entries were so funny, I felt I was almost there with you....

Missing you so much already Sarah, and guess what we have a Man to replace Claire R who is called Alex and is terribly posh and extremly tall.

Anyway all is good and I have thought about you both so much over the past week and a bit - we have had BIG CAT live here every night and it makes me think of you guys so much..

anyway it is 6:30pm and I am going home now. So love to you both, stay Safe, warm and fed LOL Ally D xxxxxxx

Margy & Dale
10/13/2008 03:46:45 am

Hi Mike & Sarah, picked up the details from Sue this p.m. and hope to keep in contact - what an awesome experience you're going to have. Tony's just returned from a mission trip to Sudan so knows the surroundings! You'll be constantly in our thoughts and prayers for safe travelling and loads and loads of fun!! Lotsaluv, U Dale & A Margy xx

Hi you two,
10/13/2008 03:48:51 am

Sorry for putting our names where yours should've been - will get it right eventually! M & D

10/17/2008 01:36:55 am

Hey you two...sounds like Europe was a little tricky to say the least. Good job your both such chilled out dudes.

Cannot wait to see some photo's - and good luck for the ferry crossing.

All is good this end apart from BP's shares ha ha. Weather in London has been glorious this week. still loving the trip diary, I love it.

Chat soon

Ally D xxxxxx

Rob & Liz, Vic & Ali
10/19/2008 04:14:37 pm

Hi Mike & Sarah,
With Europe safely negotiated, all our very best wishes for an exciting and eventful 'long way down',
Lots of love and God speed,
Dad, Liz, Vic & Ali

10/20/2008 08:29:06 pm

You're in Africa! How very, very exciting! I love your travel diary! This is really going to get me through the next six months of sitting in Scumbury! Pity you couldn't spend more time in Turin! My cousin would have loved to have you! Two months till I'm in SA...I'll be flying over you (kinda!) & waving! Might just be there again for your arrival next year... It's a lovely sunny day today. Ally is busy talking to Nathalie about Helios guest lists! Ha, don't you wish you were here Sarah! Lots of love, Yo xxx PS: Thanks for the e-mail the other day.

Ally D
10/27/2008 10:11:40 pm

Hey Sarah + Mikey....
All sounds good - I am so glad you managed to stay in one place for more than one night sounds such fun !!!!!

everything is going well here - Yolande and I chat about you lots (just in case your ears have been burning he he )

Missing you loads...

Still Loving the trip diary - is there someway you can publish/print it - it would be a great read for your children and grandchildren WHEN you have them !!!!!

Anyway chat soon

Lots of love Ally D

10/29/2008 02:59:50 am

Hey Sarah...
Just a quickie had to laugh today there I was sitting at my PC and up popped a MSN message from Sarah..
Yes your MSN still has a virus ...for one precious moment I thought ohmigod she is online how very cool...but NO it was just her rogue MSN sending silly very disappointing....LOL


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