Greetings from Egypt!

We have started travelling south, and write to you from the luxury of a friend's beautiful apartment in Maadi, a leafy green suburb of Cairo.
Libya was an incredible experience - 9 days of insane driving from the locals, plodding mile-munching from Mapenzi, spectacular mountains, stunning desert dunes, and a lot of rough camping...

We've got our diary up to date, and photos up on flickr, so thank you for your patience while we were out of contact! 

Hopefully we can collect our Sudanese visas this afternoon, and will be able to do Mapenzi's 6000 mile service over the next day or so.  Then we'll treat ourselves to the Great Pyramids in Giza before heading south to the oases, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel, and the ferry to the Sudan...

Hope you're all well, healthy and happy,
love from Sarah & Mike

11/16/2008 06:27:36 pm

Yay! We've been waiting to hear from you! You're in Egypt already...goodness, that went pretty quickly...or so it seems from our end! How have you coped driving in Cairo, it's CRAAAAZY isn't it! I'm very pleased to see that Abu Simbel is now officially on your list of sites to see :) Happy adventuring! xxx Yolande

john and jean
11/17/2008 06:20:11 pm

gosh there you are - GONE !
that was quick.
Don't rush by the good bits so quickly.
Have a super rest of journey.

Bron and Mike
11/22/2008 11:58:20 pm

We love reading your diary and you look so happy in your pics! As Yolande says - you seem to have so much happening while things stay relatively the same for us! Enjoy Egypt, we are sure it is going to be wonderful! Lots of love
Bron and Mike

4/19/2011 04:21:19 pm

Work hard. But remember to take the time to enjoy your life.


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