A sandy hello from the desert,

Still in Tunisia but finally en route to Libya, we are really pleased that we should be able to cross the border on 4th November.  We are covered in the finest desert dust, writing from the oasis Douz, where the winds (mild ghibli) have picked up. Have had an incredible couple of days, described as usual in the trip diary (hope to upload photos tomorrow). Highlights so far: wild camels, traditional lunch in a Tunisian home, picking up salt crystals on the chott, smoking shisha with new pals in Kebili, scrummy dates, pomegranates and olives, finally meeting some other travellers. Most important = getting off the main roads and conquering our first dunes (about a metre high)...

Thanks for the messages, we love hearing from you all xxx Promise to try reply individually, but it will take us some time = thanks for your patience...

love Sarah and Mike

Yolande, Sean & Biscotti
10/29/2008 02:58:31 am

Sarah & Mike!

You're causing a bit of a stir with your brilliant writing skills! You will have to keep it up! It's part of my daily routine now...check the blog & if there's a new entry, first make a nice cup of rooibos tea...then, read.

I told Maria, it's quite funny, because when I read (S), I hear your voice Sarah & when I read (M), it's Mike's voice...so I'm thinking, you shouldn't only publish your blog as a book...but also as an audio book! You have the perfect voices for it! I've got it all worked out...as you can see :)!

Your photos are wonderful. I'm very jealous of the fresh pomegranate, dates, olives, the dunes, the big sky... I'm not so jealous of the cold showers and unhappy animals... Yes Sarah, I can see you thinking: I told you so!

It snowed in London last night, apparently quite a significate shower! I feel a bit cheated, because I missed it! I spent most of the evening hibernating in front of the telly, Spooks is back on. If I had known it was snowing, I would have been out there with Biscotti! He loves the crunch under his paws!

Happy safe travelling!

Lots of love
Yolande, Sean & Biscotti

Ally D
10/29/2008 03:06:20 am

Sarah - Doh I left my messages in the first comment...the very clever Yolande spotted it and so I will now use the website properly - silly me...

10/30/2008 10:21:26 pm


jas those pictures look cool hey! we are following you quite closely here in blackham. looks like you're havng a jol. a pity about the visa hold up but then that's africa hey! have you had enough sun yet? can you pass a bit over this way. actually we've had sun but just very little warmth. it's been freezing here. it snowed in london the other day.

how long do you reckon you will be in libya? and where do you hope to be by christmas?

anyway keep up the good work and don't sweat the small stuff.

dave and jo

Claire & Nick
11/2/2008 08:57:13 pm

Hi Mike & Sarah,

Lovely to see your photos and your diary. Sounds like you're having fun.

Very jealous!
Claire & Nick

7/11/2012 07:14:15 am

Just reading up on some of this lately, was interesting.


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