Hi all!

Very quick hello from Luxor, as we join the convoy to Aswan in half an hour.  Have had potentially bad news that the ferry ato Wadi Halfa is full, and there is a holiday next Monday so no voyages scheduled, so our Sudan (mis?!)adventures begin already!

We've met up with our new travelling buddies Chantal and Wim, as well as the Belgian Angeleo truck and a French family with a dog, so hopefully we will form enough of a presence to encourage the Nile Navigation dudes to think of a solution for us...

 Have had a wonderful week or so since we last wrote - the spectacular White Desert, snorkelling in the Red Sea, and a few temples and ruins thrown into the mix.

Hope that Christmas fever hasn't swallowed you all just yet :-)  and that you're all happy and healthy.

Lots of love, stay in touch (we love hearing from you!)
Sarah & Mike xxx

11/29/2008 06:38:46 pm

hi dudes

good diary but am missing the photos. What's happened to the egypt photos, i see that you have a spot for them but there aint none there!

anyway mike hope the toe is better and that you are still aving a blast.



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