Hello all,
Thanks to you all for your latest messages.  If you're still with us, you might have noticed that our diary is nearly up to date, and that we have our Kenya photos on flickr at last. Sorry it took so long!
Still to come - our diary and pics of gorilla trekking in Bwindi... Wow, what a magic experience!
We are writing from Ruhengeri, at the base of the volcanoes on the border with Congo. Rwanda has surprised us in so many ways - not only the beautiful tarmac main roads, but the wireless internet access!  People here are so friendly and really seem to be making strides forward in rebuilding their beautiful country.
We will be heading to Tanzania and its white beaches in the next few days and will try and reply to your e-mails there.
Take care, best wishes
Sarah and Michael xxx

Jayne Leach
1/23/2009 06:13:44 pm

Hi both
I have been following your travels with much envy - sounds like your having a fantastic time. Question for you - are either of you mechanical in any way and have you had many problems with your Landy - we are doing a similar journey to you next year and have very little mechanical experience - this is worrying me a bit - keep up the great work with your diary - loving it - Jayne

1/26/2009 09:33:21 pm

Hey guys,

So glad you did the Gorilla thing...cannot wait to see the piccies.

I cannot believe it when I look at the map and see just how far you have travelled it is just amazing...

chat soon

lots of love Ally D

Yoland and Barry
2/2/2009 09:00:11 pm

Hi guys,
How lovely to get to see some pictures of where you have been. How about getting yourselves into some of them now to show us how you are holding up with the "groot trek"

Hope to see you soon
Yoland and Barry


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