Hi everyone,

Well, it's taken us three countries and two extra days in Nairobi to get up to date...  Wow, internet connections are slow in this part of the world!  You'll notice the new layout, with two pages for the Trip Diary - the first covering up to Sudan, the second starting in Ethiopia, taking us through to SA.  Also, don't miss our Christmas video (late but hopefully you'll still appreciate it?! We weren't able to upload it until no) and our photos since Egypt.

Trust you've all had a marvellous festive season, and that the New Year will bring you happiness, good health and all the best things!

Love from
Sarah & Mike x


Hi all,

Wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas, and a happy New Year!
Since we last put up a blog message, we've crossed Sudan and Ethiopia, where we struggled with excruciatingly slow internet connections, if there was a connection at all!
We loved Sudan - such friendly people and challenging roads...  Ethiopia was hard work but possibly the most beautifully scenic country we've visited yet.
We'll be celebrating a quiet Christmas together in Marsabit National Park in Northern Kenya, hopefully overlooking Paradise Lake where the elephants come to drink.  We'll toast you all with our Awash Ethiopian sparkling wine, or maybe some Tusker beers :-)
Missing you, especially at this time of year, but hope that you're all well, and getting into the festive spirit.
All our love
Mike and Sarah
PS we will try and upload a Christmas video;the link will go on photo page.  But bear with us, we're in a one-horse town with dial-up!
PPS same issue with diary and photos, will try and sort them all out in Nairobi.