Hi everyone,

Well, it's taken us three countries and two extra days in Nairobi to get up to date...  Wow, internet connections are slow in this part of the world!  You'll notice the new layout, with two pages for the Trip Diary - the first covering up to Sudan, the second starting in Ethiopia, taking us through to SA.  Also, don't miss our Christmas video (late but hopefully you'll still appreciate it?! We weren't able to upload it until no) and our photos since Egypt.

Trust you've all had a marvellous festive season, and that the New Year will bring you happiness, good health and all the best things!

Love from
Sarah & Mike x

12/30/2008 02:30:44 pm

greetings from a hot, hot cape town! about to go for a walk on hout bay beach...so this is just a quick note to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thinking of you loads! xxx

Dave and Jo
12/30/2008 06:42:20 pm

We've just watched your vid 4 times - we're missing you a lot! Great singing and FANTASTIC beard. We don't wish you were here, but we wish that we were with you... So pleased to see what an amazing time you're having. The photos are really evocative and give a good sense of your journey and experiences. Keep on keeping on and can't wait to see you on return. Have a happy happy 2009. Lots of love, Joey and Dave x x x

12/30/2008 10:17:57 pm

Hi Kids - Thank you for the wonderful phone calls for Xmas, Birthday and New Year wishes. Am meeting Venilla and Jock Macpherson (ex SASA) who are staying in hotel - we are going for sushi at Paddocks later and back into town before midnight. Thinking of you both with love and hope the plan to meet up in Dar comes together. At least we are sharing New Year under the same African starlit sky. Love to you both Mum xxxx

Kate and Justin
1/5/2009 11:21:45 pm

Hey intrepid explorers, just wanted to wish you a happy new year and to let you know that we are thinking of you, particularly sarah who must be hearing about Mike's inventions and warped ideas all day long...

Miss you here in London, bloody freezing.

k xx

1/7/2009 12:43:51 am

am up to date with the diary and it all sounds so exotic. not sure about the weeks in between baths though.
just to keep you up to date...young man is walking and skype up and running.
Lots of love

Bron and Mike
1/7/2009 06:47:49 am

Just want to wish you both a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are back in London and freezing our bums off!!! Missing you guys loads so thanks for the video - watched it a few times and had a good chuckle :-) Reminds me of our happy birthday phone calls!

Keep having fun!

Lots of love
Bron and Mike

1/8/2009 11:38:17 pm

Hi ous

What's happened to the diary. still checking most days but have read up to date and wonder when we will be treated to the next installment.

Hope all going well. weather wise we couldn't be less in a position to empathise as we have had sub zero temperatures here for nigh on a frtnight. log fires every night just to stave off the hypothermia. i'm sure your experience is somewhat different despite looking up at the same bright black sky.

anyway toodles


Ally D
1/12/2009 08:32:15 pm

Hey had to leave a message after yesterday...ther's me answering a ringing phone at work in Sunbury and who is on the other end but SARAH MARRIOTT !!!! after I got over the shock it was SOOOOOOO great to hear your voice and that all is well with you both. A very Happy New Year to you both and what a way to see in 2009 you lucky things.

Delighted you are coming back to cold freezing and dull Sunbury, I am sure your not...but hey it is a long way off yet you have much more to enjoy.

still loving the diary/blog etc

chat soon

lots and lots of love Ally D

3/7/2023 12:24:26 am

Great post thaanks


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