Hi All

Hope all is well with friends and family and that none have been negatively affected by the snows in the UK?

Well, it's been a while since our last update.  We took the decision to relax from life on the road, and the diary for a few days, and pushed through Tanzania to the Indian Ocean coast - skipping the parks altogether.  At Peponi beach (near Pangani) we spent a few days lazing around.  Also met up with another SA couple and shared a local motorised dhow across to Zanzibar yesterday.  We'll spend a few more days exploring before returning to Mapenzi and the drive south.

We've had a few requests to include more photos of ourselves on flickr.  We've been trying to upload only the ones we're really proud of, but if it's us you want, we'll try and deliver! I'll be practising 'blue steel'...

Looking forward to hearing your news

Love from

Michael & Sarah

2/4/2009 03:16:54 pm

howzit, howzit

Much wailing and knashing of teeth has been done in our household as we have had the misfortune of missing 2 days of school due to bad weather! Oh what a trial! All this whiteness around and we don't knwo what to do with ourselves.

Glad to see that chilling has finally overcome tedious mileage and that you have found your weary way to the mysical spice island of which most of us can only dream wistfully inbetween digesting our daily treadmill.

Put more photos, need to feed my pipedream.

hamba kalhe (sp?)

2/5/2009 12:03:41 am

hello from cold, damp howick.
Glad that you are finallyhaving a bit of a rest from the endless travels.
You two are lazing about on white beaches whilst david and joey freeze in the uk....
look forward to more photos and update on the website.
Love from us both.

2/19/2009 10:56:31 pm

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sarah! C ya in Cape Town! xxx

Teri Roberts
2/20/2009 04:02:04 am

Hello to the Marriots! - Zanzibar brings back such wonderful memories.. enjoy it! Mac - a very happy birthday for tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you both soon! Lots of love and all the best for the rest of your trip.

Julie Lunn
2/20/2009 10:41:13 pm

Hi guys, hope you're having a lovely birthday today Sa! Love your website! I've only just cottoned onto it...rather late than never. Will you be in Cape Town in March/April? Would be fun to catch up 0742317135...we will however be in the UK from 2nd - 13th April...hope we don't miss you, love Julz and Sean xxx

Dave and Joey
2/21/2009 08:14:00 pm

Hi Monkey

Sorry that we forgot to send our birthday greetings on the day but hope that you had a fab time anyway and that mike treated you to a sundowner on some remote corner of the dark continent.

We thought of you on the day anyway. By the way where are you guys now? We have heard that you were in Malawi but were not sure where you were going after that or evn after that. Not too much more driving now though, so spend the time chilling out.

hopefully we'll speak soon.

Dave and Joey

2/23/2009 01:05:46 am

Dagobert misses Mapenzi!!!

Big Hug!


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